asteroid rocket

asteroid rocket Asteroid Rocket was a game I created as part of a first year software engineering course. This was the first GUI I made, and also my first game on PC.

Download asteroid.jar

A Java 2 runtime environment (minimum 1.3.7_03) is required to run asteroid rocket.

Here are some facts about this project:
  • It is based on the old arcade classic asteroids.
  • It was written entirely in 10 days in April 2002, and has not been altered since.
  • A seperate polygon class was written to handle the different sizes and rotations of the asteroid.
  • A new algorithm was written to handle exact collisions between polygons instead of the standard Java algorithm that detected overlapping bounding boxes.
  • The asteroids are randomly generated so you never play the same game twice.
  • The star field in the background is randomly generated, but consistant between the in-game and menu screens.
  • I forgot to spell check, so asteroid is spelt two different ways in both the GUI and source.
  • This game was developed entirely on Windows, and thus different sized fonts on Linux or Mac are not handled fully. This does not affect gameplay.